Saturday, October 10, 2009

Paige Bennethum

Lovely Lady keeps me abreast of the kind of news she knows will jerk my heartstrings and the kind of pictures that make me eat my heart out... this shot of Paige Bennethum, taken by her mother Abby, is one of those shots. The kind any news shooter will spend half a lifetime wanting to get and never does.

The closest I came, and was liberally complimented on the shots, was doing a piece on Hmong homecomings- following them thru the day as the group made their way through their first day on American soil. "This is how people are supposed to be shot!" the news director said of the shots. Made my day, and I know this shot is making Abby Bennethum's day, as well.

But not as much as it will make her day when her husband and Paige's father returns from combat.

I pray for these men, the heroes who walk among us.

It probably won't happen, but Paige and her mother should be on every newscast, every talk show, every newspaper and blog site in America. Prayers for these men and their families should be on every lip each morning and evening as well. "Pray without ceasing." We are admonished by our God, yet fall so short of it. Forgive me that sin, Oh God!

Read the whole article here:

Bless God, God bless.



  1. Sheeple wouldn't buy it... No death, no sex, no porn... We live in a sick world.

  2. Nicely posted, however, I have to agree with "mayberry" sheeple man- they want only to eat drink and be merry!

  3. Amen. Thanx for reading, Guys. I appreciate it.
    Shy III

  4. As a family member, I know Abby is doing as many interviews as she possibly can. Not out of enjoyment either (she hates the attention) but to raise awareness for the troops. To get people to support them....
    Thank you for posting the picture, and helping make people aware. We are asking everyone to go to their local VFW and donate, whatever they can.

  5. Thank you for visitig, A-1:56. You are so right, it isn't for the attention or five minutes of fame, but for the Troops. This ungrateful country needs to be made aware of the reasons our soldiers fight: Love of family (and all people), country, God in many instances, Freedom.
    Wives and children such as Abby and Paige put real faces on those who wait, praying for safe return of their loved one.
    A totally different face for our soldiers than the baby-killing, raping, wanton killing blood-lust monsters the MSM and many of our politicians paint them to be.
    We need a cleansing in this country and it should begin with the media heads and many in dotgov.
    God bless, 1:56. You, Abby, Paige and all. Thank you for coming to visit.
    Shy III


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