Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You Lie!"

"You lie!" Shouted by South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson yesterday was right on the mark.
Too bad it is coming so late in the game or that only one man has the balls to say it to his face.
True, it is causing Wilson a lot of grief due to the circumstances of his outburst- but it is something the Dark Lord needs to hear first hand rather than behind his back or silently through the 'rumor mill' of the press corps. The DL needs to know that not everyone is enamored of his communist rhetoric and prompter-encouraged disinformation and lies.
Regardless the circumstances, truth should not be hidden, whether a political forum or on the darkest street corner. Real men are not afraid to tell the truth or to point out the bullshit and lies of others and should certainly be rewarded for their actions, not labeled as immoderate, inappropriate or accused of having bad manners.
But what else can we Americans expect from a sissified political system- or even populace- that has only concerns for itself/themselves, people who are afraid of the truth and having light shed upon their actions and words?
What more can we expect from a system that is more corrupt than any criminal group?
"Bravo!" I say to Representative Wilson. Tell it like it is, Sir, and do not be concerned with what others are saying about you. Your boldness and honesty will be rewarded. You, Sir, are more deserving of respect than 499 of your peers who zip their lips and sit calmly on their hands.
It is reported that Mr. Wilson apologised to the DL through Rahm Emmaunuel- as he is expected to do by a politically correct, chicken shit populace. I am saddened to hear that- regardless of circumstances, no one should ever apologize for telling the truth, or outing a lie.
Bless God, God bless, Mr. Wilson.


  1. Yeah!!!! Tell it like it is. Way to go Joe!!!Obama is a socialist and he is a liar! im so glad we finally have someone in congress that is willing to stand up and speak out against this guy. I really hope this makes more people stand up and say "LIAR!!" Ive been saying it since he started running. Wake up and see what he is doing people. He is the one that will bring down our great country. He has already brought our national debt up to 9 TRILLION!!!! Bush wasnt perfect by NO means but Ill take him over obama any day!

  2. Darn good post and I agree. I sent Minority Leader John Boehner an e-mail telling him that I thought Joe Wilson should be rewarded by the Republicans for his honesty and courage. I also said that if there is any punishment handed down and the Republicans are involved, they'd better consider just how pissed off many of us Republicans are about our party and it's actions or lack thereof.

    As soon as Joe Wilsons' site is back up, I'm sending him a 'Kudo's' e-mail for having the balls to confront that lying S.O.B. in the White House. Illegals will get healthcare coverage as the language in HR 3200 provides covereage for anyone 'legally residing' in the U.S. If you are an illegal, but you've had a kid here in America, that kid is a citizen and you get to stay. You also get health care under HR3200.

    I like your blog, btw. First time I've seen it!

  3. Amen, Scout- we need many more politicoes speaking out for truth and justice, for America rather than third world countries.
    Lone- thank you, and welcome- be sure to come back for more. I, too, will be sending kudoes to Joe ASAP.
    Thanx, Guys. Bless God, God bless. Shy III

  4. ...the look on his face was priceless wasn't it?,we wait and see what kind of 'accident' is awaiting Rep.Wilson...
    ...saddens me to hear about his 'apology' tho...

  5. I also agree - its plain fact that no one at a health care facility will be refused care, so Wilson was only correcting that statement that illegal aliens would be refused care - total BS on Obamas part. If confronted with media, Wilson should point that out, saying he may have been outspoken, but he was being truthful and accurate. Obama WAS NOT - we call untruths LIES.

  6. Shy,
    I believe the only apology I'd have given was not completing the statement with "You treasonist fucking bastard"!!

  7. I wanted to give that guy a medal, until he pussed out and took the PC train. I watched the Obamination, and was screaming obscenities the whole time, and reaching for my barf bag at every standing ovation. What a bunch of suck ass lapdogs. Pathetic....


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