Monday, November 19, 2007

Gun Control

Got a good chuckle from a friend who viewed my BLOG a few days ago. Actually made a suggestion for a BLOG and I had to laugh at him.
"You've got to be kidding?" I asked.
"Not at all- serious as a heart attack. You gotta do it."
Thinking about it a while now, I imagine he's right: I do have to write about gun control, one of my favorite topics. So, with apologies to Mark Twain and Sam Clements, here goes. Oh, yes- and to whomever it was that wrote about Ransoming Red Chief, Mr O'Henry.
Liberal Democrats have long considered gun control a very major issue to their campaigns. Right alongside abortion and equal rights for all but whites. Of course, we all know who they hold as Exhibit Number One on their list of heroes: that Austrian with the funny Charlie Chaplin moustache who made an attempt at dominating the world. Some of you in reader land may recognize him as a German named Hitler. He took away the guns and nearly took over Germany, murdering about 12 million Jewish people on his way.
So, my answer to the Soros bunch, and others of his ilk, is a simple solution to the question of, "How do we get better gun control in the United States?" Perhaps not so simple, when I think about it: there will be some major costs involved. Naturally, rich as they are, these people can afford to help all us "lesser" individuals by footing the bill for the whole country.
To begin. Here you go, folks: a lesson on how to control guns in America.
Let us start with stature of the individual, since not ALL Americans are built the same. Some are tall, others short, a majority in-between. Too, some are 16-penny slim, others fat as walrus. Most are probably in-between. As well, some are fit as fiddles, others about as fit as cooked spaghetti. Again, many fall in-between. So proper gun control begins with the category of "Get a gun that suits your stature."
If you have big hands, something along the lines of a Colt 1911 full-size will be no problem for your grip. However, if you have weak arms, drop to a Colt 1911 Combat Commander size: it's smaller frame and lighter weight will aid your control. My suggestion is a caliber such as the century old .45 Colt ACP, or the more modern .357 or .44 magnum. A 9mm is okay if you like to fire off lots of rounds. If, like my Lady, your hands are a bit smaller than a man's, or if you're just effeminate, go for one of the smaller, light-weight 9 mm's on the market. They're kinda wimpy in firepower but make up for it in number of rounds you can expend at one sitting. Well, not a "sitting" per-se, but without having to reload. If you are kind of the squeamish type and feel handgun combat range is kinda too close for comfort, you can go the long-gun route. Beginning with a .22 long rifle (don't waste time with less), you can easily learn to handle this and extend the combat range a few feet. But if you really want to stop an altercation, nothing works better than a 12 gauge, best is the pump action for repeatability of firing, but my fave is a twin barrel: over/under. (Only because I like the looks and have a pump as well :) . Naturally, there are some out there who really want to control a situation and nip it in the bud. For those really gung-ho types, there is a true long-gun, a rifle with man-sized calibers such as .243, .6mm, 7mm, 308, 30-06, etc. With these babies, you can pick off an argument before it even becomes a thought.
Naturally, you'll want to insure yourself that YOU have proper gun control. To do this, get a set of grips (for pistols or revolvers) that fit your hand and aid in reducing recoil so follow-up shots are more easily accomplished. If you like, get the barrel ported so muzzle blast is used to help tame recoil on those big honking smokepoles. Don't worry about silencers or flash suppressors- the idea is to scare poop outta the critter if you miss with the first shot and lots of noise and light may well do that. For shotguns, have a good recoil pad installed on the butt or buy a shotgun that has an action that dampens felt recoil thru mechanical means. Rifles can be more well controlled through recoil pads and stock configurations. Naturally, smaller calibers will have less recoil than the big boys, but what the heck- we're men and we can handle recoil. Well, maybe: my rifles all have Uncle Mike's recoil pads. Come to think of it, so do the shotguns. Another method is to have the barrel ported on these if recoil or a follow-up shot are prime concerns. Not that I have problems with following up shots from the 30-06 with just the pad, but some may and these help. Also, a bipod on the working end of a rifle helps gun control, also.
Which brings us to the second part of good gun control legislation.
Once we all have a firearm that FITS us, thanks to the millions of dollars our enemies have, we need to learn better gun control. There is a simple solution to that, as well, but does require some effort. Since the Libs have lotsa money to spend on gun control, it won't matter, though, so we can all afford to have the absolutely best optical sights made put on our weapons. What's the best? You decide. Some people like Fords (I do) and others like Chevvies (I do) and some even like those cute little foreign imports (my Lady does). Get whichever you prefer. After all, it's the Libs and DNC who'll be paying for it.
Now that we have our weapons fitted and glassed up- oh: don't forget a couple VERY good flashlights to illuminate our night time targets- we can go to the range and get some major input on gun control.
Regardless what you get: .22, .380, 9mm, .44, .45, .357, .308, 30-06, .50BMG, you're going to need to learn PROPER gun control.
THAT begins between your ears.
First: NEVER assume a gun is empty (or loaded, for that matter); always check!
Second: NEVER point a gun at anything you don't intend to shoot. In other words, keep it pointed DOWNRANGE!
Third: (and maybe most important) keep your finger AWAY from the trigger until ready to shoot.
Fourth: there are ten commandments to gun safety, every one viable and important and more than the scope of this dissertation. To learn more, go to and take a safety class.
Now that we've covered the basics, understand that good gun control begins with knowing where that muzzle is pointed and that there is a bullet in the chamber. Now you need to learn that most important part of gun control: target acquisition and finger twitch.
Target acquisition isn't all that hard. For purposes of this demonstration, we're going to assume it's a paper target but we all know better: since Libs and DNC seem to think guns are only for killing people, that's what we are thinking as we sight. Don't believe me, just ask one. Oh, yes: also, killing poor little Bambi. Don't worry that more Bambi are killed by cars every year than hunters. I digress, 'scuse me. Back to targets. Two things concern us here: our target and what's behind it. We want to have a clear picture of what we are aiming at. If you can't identify it, forget finger twitch. Ditto if you have an unsafe backstop.
Triggers are not pulled back like a dentist pulling a tooth. Nor are they yanked back like a carpenter pulling a nail. They are squeezed ever so gently, like your baby girl's nose in play. And , like the bugger you pull away, should be a surprise when it goes off. When it does go BANG!, count "One". The second BANG count "Two", etc- so you know how many you've shot off. Keep track so needing to reload won't be a surprise. This is where REAL gun control begins: learning proper sighting and trigger control. If you can't see the target, you can't hit it. If you can't hit it, you missed and may as well not have shot. So lots and lots of practice is mandatory. Which we normally couldn't afford, but since the Dems are paying for the ammo, we can waste a couple here and there so long as we practice diligently and hit what we aim at.
And there we have it- a short discourse on gun control. Much of this is tongue in cheek, as you can see. But it's very serious as well.
Liberals and Democrats (usually one and the same) want world domination and the only way to accomplish that is as Hitler did in Germany. An unarmed populace will be easy prey and when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. The honest citizen will be defenseless, as we are when liberal gun control laws are passed. Statistics prove that when firearm ownership is banned, crime against the people rises. Don't take my word for it: research it. And don't take a lib's word on it, either. Weigh the facts, then decide.
If less crime is wanted by the populace, enforce the laws already on the books: hang the murderers and rapists and child molesters; imprison the thieves and make them fulfill the entire sentence, no time-off for good behavior. No plea bargains, no insanity pleas- anyone who commits a crime or murders or molests another has to be insane anyway, so why allow it as a defense? And allow any honest law-abiding citizen who wants to to carry protection against the criminal element. Guns don't kill people- they protect them.
Naturally, everyone can find holes in arguments about guns taking lives or not, it just depends on your view. What about cars? How many people are killed by drunk drivers each year? Yet the drunks are on the streets, driving again- legally or otherwise. They should be in prison as far as I'm concerned before they kill again.
What about the abortionists? More children are killed yearly by "doctors" than all the criminals in the last hundred years. Of course, tell a Liberal or Democrat that they're killing their tax-base and they won't understand at all. But they are. All because some woman decided her appearance was more important than a life. No, don't use the rape-incest-medical reasons argument on me: it doesn't matter since the number is minuscule compared to those killed for appearance sake.
So if any Lib wants to tell me guns kill people and should be taken away, then let them create laws to eliminate all forms of killing. Of course, that would be a consistency and we know Libs and Dems can't be consistent in anything. Or honest.

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