Monday, May 2, 2011


Ho-Hum... now they're claiming to've killed Osama Bin Laden. I was wondering why my world was so changed when I awoke this morning. So wonderful to have awakened and seen green grass and hear the birds singing and know the entire world was at peace at last, never to hear the sound of gunfire or talk of war ever again. And the lion and lamb were sitting in the breakfast nook having coffee and chatting about how they were going to picnic later at the viper den and play some checkers with the wolves.

Like I believe any of the above.

Really, I do. All of it.

I was here, I should know.

OK- how do I really feel about this 'big' news today? I caught the news right away last night when the MSM blew in the door and started bragging up the Dark Lord's wonderful signing of the hall pass for the SpecOps to make the hit. My first reaction was, "He's screwing with us. This didn't happen."

I still don't think it happened. Something doesn't ring true about this, but damned if I know what it is. Where is the Corpus Delecti? (I think that's the term.) They buried him at sea? I can see the SpecOps finding good humor in this, but not really swallowing it.

More likely, I think it's a media event being used to encourage a serious attack somewhere in the world, most likely here in the U.S., so the Dark Lord can initiate martial law upon us.

That's what I'm thinking about it.

Now, if you've been feeling a bit stagnant in your training lately- doing the same old Ho-hum routine day after day, month after month, and want to do something a bit different and beneficial to yourself, try this... (O'Blogger ain't letting me embed the code, so you're just gonna have to hit the linky thingy. Apologies.)

Really worth your time doing, this will work all your major muscle groups, make you think you're going to die- if you give it total attention and dedicated drive. About the only thing I'd do differently is shooting from around the door jamb rather than teach myself to stand in the middle of the door while shooting. Notice, also, the first shooter does a reload standing in the open- big no-no. Don't train yourself to do things you don't want in your memory banks.
Try this- don't wait. We may well be needing these skills more soon than we think.

Bless God, God bless.



  1. My reaction when I heard the news: "Bullshit!"

    Osammy's been fertilizer for years in my humble opinion. The radar system on the ship I once served could track a bumblebee in flight from ten miles away. It could link up with spy satellites. We could fire missiles on other ships! And I know damn well we knew where Osammy was, him being a CIA asset and all. His bones are part of an Afghani mountain after we flung a missile into his cave...

  2. That should read "we could fire missiles FROM other ships"... And this was back in the early '90s...

  3. wonder which terrorist (s) are next... America is full of them....

    kill your television yet?



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