Wednesday, February 2, 2011


LOL, got to chuckle about this Goreball warming- though this hasn't been the coldest winter in MN history, it's in the top 50. Still, when you think about it- cold like this...

... is really only relative- especially when you have a warm relative to cuddle with.

Really- just think how much warmer it'll feel in July when the humidity is in the 90 percentile and air temp will be 90 as well. Dad always used to say, "I can always put enough clothing on to be warm, never could take enough off to be cool." I go with that sentiment- though if I could have my druthers, I'druther go nekky all the time. (But I'd have to say the neighbors may get a little disjointed if I did.) Not that they can see me through the trees, but one may decide to stop by and have some coffee.

Speaking of which- coffee and a good book- or some good blogs- to read is a fine way to trash a really cold day. So saying, let me thank all you bloggers who do such a wonderful job keeping me entertained these cold winter days. It's appreciated.

I'm surprised by the weather report tonight- single digits in northern Mexico- that should keep a few illegals from crossing the border, at least. Or freeze their carcasses before they get here, which is just as good as not coming.

Now if I can just get Mayberry to appreciate a good, cold day. (wink wink)

Be safe, stay warm, bless God, God bless.



  1. Ummm.... No. And riddle me this: how come when it's warm outside and the house is 75 degrees inside, everything feels warm. But when it's cold outside and the house is 70 degrees inside, everything feels cold? It's like the cold permeates everything. I will say one thing though, it is good sleeping weather. I roll up in the quilt like a burrito and sleep really good. Methinks those hibernating bears are on to something...

  2. You're right: cold permeates- penetrates, actually- everything, going from the cold to the warm side. Which is one reason when your feet are cold, you put on a hat: it warms the blood going through the head where the greatest heat loss is, and keeps your feet warm. A scarf around the throat will also help. Also, check the blood vesels in your ankles: they're close to the surface as well, so cover your ankles (and feet) and you'll be warmer.
    Too, drinking things with alcohol (dang! goodbye beer! sniff sniff) and caffeine (drat!)tend to close off the blood vessels near the skin, allowing the skin to cool/get cold. Smoking is another problem with the same results. (Bye-bye stogie!)
    A diet with some fat will aid in keeping you warm, also, since shivering burns fat and keeps the body warm.
    One thing you want to be cautious of is sweating outside, then standing still without a jacket: you increase the transfer of cold through the sweat (and skin/muscle) and increase your odds on getting chilled- even in temps as warm as 60 degrees- and possible hypothermia, which you definitely don't want. (Actually, you can get hypothermic at even warmer temps, but less likely.) Too, the rapid cooling of the body cavity can lead to chest colds.
    You'll notice fingers are also 'things' that get cold quickly- vessels close to the surface and no exercise. Even thin gloves will help, albeit moderately. Best are mittens that utilize the whole hand's heat to keep the fingers warm.
    LOL, Mayb'- all you never wanted to know about cold and were afraid to ask! ;) I could go on, but maybe make that a separate post. For next year- winter's almost over now.
    Thank God!

  3. "Cold is really relative -- especially when you have a warm relative to cuddle with."

    That's great!

  4. That is colder than a well diggers ass at midnite.

  5. Keep in mind that you get extreme cold because initially it starts out as an extreme heat engine in the equatorial regions then migrates toward the poles


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