Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Wyoming is backing out of its Con-con request and defending the Constitution now.The state of Wyoming has adopted a resolution to inform Washington bureaucrats and bureaucracies of its opposition to any plans to hold a Constitutional Convention that would recommend changes or alterations to the nation's founding document.
Thank you, Wyoming. Now if we can just get the other 49 to do the right thing.
Naturally, the Dark Lord is well on his way to Socializing America. Freedom of the Press is a First Amendment right, so naturally he can't have dissenting words hampering his campaign. How to do that? One way he's come up with is to make the Print Media beholding to him.
With many U.S. newspapers struggling to survive, a Democratic senator on Tuesday introduced a bill to help them by allowing newspaper companies to restructure as nonprofits with a variety of tax breaks.U.S. bill seeks to rescue faltering newspapers Politics Reuters
Naturally he's going to do all he can to confuse and befuddle all those who read the Benevolent Print by controlling the language they use.
'This Administration prefers to avoid using the term "Long War" or "Global War on Terror" [GWOT]. Please use "Overseas Contingency Operation.'" The End of the Global War on Terror 44 After all, we can't let the populace be informed enough to know what's really going on. Once again, NewSpeak and the Official Language of Political Correctness must be adhered to.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday questioned whether government regulation of a movie critical of former presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton might also be used to ban books critical of political hopefuls during election season. Court hears arguments over anti-Hillary movie
After all, we must control the minds and emotions of the Minion populace. Halt any kind of contrary opinion.
The judge cited "the almost universal view among interested parties that persons who possess concealed, loaded, and operable firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges will use them for any number of reasons, including self-defense against persons and animals." Gun carry law shut down over environmental impact
No, we can't have people defending themselves no matter where they are. After all, lead pills are a very real and present danger to criminal elements in our environment. An afternoon shootout at a busy Burger King restaurant in Miami left a potential robber dead and the customer who shot him seriously wounded.Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup - South Florida -
However, we can lower the number of well-paid (albeit sometimes over zealous) police officers who, for one reason or another, are never where they are needed. All we need do to increase Citizen safety is hire a multitude of minimum wage Rent-A-Cops.They're private security guards, already on patrol, but they may soon have the powers of Chicago Police officers.Can Private Security Guards Act As Cops, As They May Be Asked To Do On Far South Side - (I bet Chicagoans feel safer already.)
“Each person in Britain has far more impact on the environment than those in developing countries so cutting our population is one way to reduce that impact.” UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt - Times Online
Look for an increase in population of Third World nations as England exports its current population to meet environmental demands.
With the current economic policies of the fedgov there are millions or American men and women in need of employment. The Dark Lord is following through on his promise to create jobs for those seeking same.
The border security initiative, which expands on efforts begun during the Bush administration, is aimed at drug traffickers who have wreaked havoc in Mexico in recent years and are blamed for a spate of kidnappings and home invasions in some U.S. cities. U.S. cracks down on border drug violence - Security-
However, there will be those who consider such employment to be a bit too realistic or dangerous for their tastes. Dark Lord has a plan for those people as well. One of the oldest banks of its kind in the United States, Xytex International, on Tuesday rolled out a stimulus package for customers who are hurting in these tough economic times.US sperm bank offers stimulus deals
And just in case your bills are stratospheric or you really, really desire to keep your McMansion in all its splendor, the Dark Lord has a plan for you, too. Or even if you're just an enterprising kind looking for a fast track to earning a cool 48 million slimming greenbacks. The list offers 30 million pesos ($2 million) in rewards for 24 top members of the cartels and 15 million pesos ($1 million) for 13 of their lieutenants. Arrest warrants have been issued for all 37 people on the list. Mexico offers $2 million for top drug lords Don't forget to bring an MBR, just in case you need a few bucks, you can sell it to any prospective drug dealer. Liberal Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, the current majority whip, directly blamed American laws and policies for facilitating the influx of weapons into - Fighting Drug Cartels is a Second Amendment Issue?
Since we really want to help the drug cartels.
'Nuff said.
Bless God, God bless.


  1. Geez, all I can think of is "don't be a dick, Dick." I see Durbin getting an unpleasant welcome next time he actually shows up in southern Illinois. I see a major conflict coming pretty quickly, push has gone to shove pretty fast and some of us will not be moved on our principles. This has gone on long enough.

  2. It is all happening so fast Shy - I can't keep up and don't much care anymore either. No one gives a shit do they?? Just being led to the slaughter.

  3. Conflict IS coming. Revolution is coming. I can feel it....

  4. ...more pieces of the puzzle falling into place...soon the 'picture' will be complete enough to see...then starts the shootin'...

    buy ammo,practice,be prepared...

  5. Jim you are a true American and I am proud to be your "friend" and share your concerns for this great country, Bless You and Love You Jenn


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