Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Curtis Nails it.

"...What do you want?

I want to thank a friend that I was having a phone conversation with this morning before my battery went dead and cut us off who got me to thinking about this.
Do you want freedom… and the absence of restraint and responsibilities?
Or, do you want liberty… which requires restraint and responsibility?
Do you want absolute chaos? Or controlled chaos?
Do you want to defy natures law. Or, abide by natures law?
Do you want anything goes? Or, do you want some things go?
Do you want no limitations. Or, some limitations?.."

There's more meat in this post than most people consume in a lifetime.

Bless God, God bless.


  1. Ah! I didn't know Curtis was "back on the air". Yep, a whole bunch of choice cut meat there...

  2. Do you want to open your eyes and acknowledge that what you want does not matter anymore or do you want to ignore reality and keep pretending that you are in control?

  3. Posted by Dutchman6 at 8:59 PM 4 comments:
    "Citadel." Convicted extortionist's latest con gets huge play on Drudge.

    Readers may recall that Christian Hyman, aka Sam Kerodin, is not exactly a favorite of mine, since he appeared out of nowhere and attempted to hijack the Three Percent philosophy (with some success since there are suckers born every minute, apparently). His latest scam is something called "Citadel," wherein he persuades folks to invest in an "Armed 'Defensible' Neighborhood Fortress" in Idaho.

    It must be admitted that he has certainly scored another propaganda coup by talking the credulous CNS reporter into writing a story that is headlined on Drudge at the moment. Wait for the "exposes" of "gun rights criminals" which will flow from this story when the "mainstream" media begin digging into it. Can a guest shot on Piers Morgan be far behind? A very useful federal stooge is Mr. Hyman, whether he's being paid or not.

    Posted by Dutchman6 at 8:38 PM 14 comments:

    Please read this

  4. I admire his point. We just have to stand on what is right and what is good for everybody and not just by what is good for us.

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  6. Hope all is well with you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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