Thursday, March 24, 2011

All that glitters... not gold, cuz real gold isn't found in banks or in the ground- it's found in the hearts of real men and women.
Since the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, all the MSM can talk about is the radiation and how badly the environment is damaged and how much more badly we're going to make the world if we continue useing nuclear energy to generate power.
Of course, we know what the MSM and tree huggers are thinking- all that matters is their bullshit, not people. When it comes to food, their suggestion is reduce the world population- especially the United States'. When there is a percieved extinction of some poor little snail, their objective is to eliminate jobs or halt food production, never considering that animals have been going extinct since creation and most likely always will be. At least 'til after the Second Coming.
But I digress- I know: you're used to that. Anyway...
The only true gold in the world is that found in the hearts of men. OK: people.
It's found in hearts when floods ravage American communities and we go there to help or send our hard earned and short supply of money, sometimes even to the detriment of our own needs.
It's found in hearts when an island is swamped by tsunami and myriad inhabitants are living in tents, or less, and we go to deliver water or medicine or even something so simple as spiritual aid.
And when an earthquake and following tsunami eradicated much of the island of Japan, we sent our prayers and money and military to aide. Yet all the MSM wants to do is tell us how proud the green weenies are at seeing how the relief centers recycle their water bottles.
They don't have the decency to talk about the people. The hearts and minds and the gold in those people.
Consider Hideaki Akaiwa. Here is Gold in its most pure, refined form.
"...Hideaki's wife of twenty years was still buried inside the lake somewhere. She hadn't gotten out. She wasn't answering her phone. The water was still rising, the sun was setting, cars and shit were swooshing past on a river of sea water, and and rescue workers told him there was nothing that could be done..."
Unless you're heart is gold.
There were giants upon the earth in those days... some have remained to show us how it should be done.
Bless God, God bless.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ann Barnhardt

Remember yesterday's post linking you to Ann Barnhardt's Muslim defiant post? Check her out today: she's being audited by the IRS. As a friend I talked with about this said, "It's happening fast now: the shit has hit the fan."
Her post today also has a vid with Allen West agreeing to debate a Muslim/CAIR asswipe. Barnhardt
Folks, the time has come to make a stand for what you believe. We can't be allowing this to happen to Patriot Americans.
Lock and load.
It's about to get bumpier than riding bicycle down a railroad track.
Bless God, God bless.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"It's time again for me to lay down in writing a simple, obvious truth that everyone else is just too terrified to state..."
There are lots of jokes going around enticing Himary to give the dark lord a couple of her cajones so he'll be at least half a man. (Still wouldn't work, but maybe worth a try.)
Please allow me to introduce you to a woman who could give both Himary and the dark lord a full set of balls and still have more than both of them combined.
Do yourself a great big favor and give her a read. And if you bump into her on the street, be sure to say 'Hi'.

Bless God, God bless.